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Sea Moss Gel

Sea Moss Gel

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All praises go to the late great Dr. Sebi for bringing all the benefits of Sea Moss to mainstream. Sea Moss has been utilized as a natural health supplement in the Carribbean and by other countries for 100's of years. Its benefits include:


Contains 92 of the 102 minerals naturally found & needed in the human body

Rids the body of mucus in the respiratory & lymphatic system

Natural decongestant

Antiviral, Antimicrobial agents help fight infection

Immune system support

Thyroid support

Aids in healthy digestion/digestive health

Contains high levels of Potassium which is good for energy and your overall mood

High levels of zinc helps balance out hormones/reproductive health

Metabolism booster

Supports joint health & aids in post workout recovery faster

Contains high levels of iron to spport healthy red blood cell counts/combat anemia


    Take one spoonful (1 tablespoon) and mix the mixture into your product of choice. Examples would be to use in smoothies, teas, food like oatmeal, deserts, the choices are endless. You can take a spoonful of it by itself but it has a slimy consistency to it, other than the texture, it does not have any particular taste. It is advised to take it daily for optimal results.

    Keep stored in the freezer for optimal longevity, you can also store it in the refrigerator and it will be good for 2-3 weeks from the creation date (listed on the bottle)


    No returns or refunds accepted as these products are perishable and intended to be consumed. I cannot qualify its freshness after it has be sold, and cannot reuse or resell it to another customer. 


    Shipping is based on location, and weight of the product(s) being shipped. For people in the local area (Massachusetts), drop offs/pick ups can be arranged. Please email to arrange pick ups/drop off locations/dates/times, and to ask any further questions. 

  • Benefits of Buying from Mocha Wellness

    You can rest assured knowing that what you or your family is consuming is made with all natural ingredients

    You will have direct access to the person who created the product for any and all questions you may need answered within a timely manner.

    You will be supporting a local, small business.

    You will be supporting a Female/black owned business. 

    As my product grows, I will be able to expand and provide even more products!

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