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Dried Sea Moss (Raw Form)

Dried Sea Moss (Raw Form)

Premium Sea Moss straight from the shores of St. Lucia! 


This is premium Sea Moss dried to less than 3% water content giving you the maximum amount for your dollar. Just 1 oz of this product will give you more than enough to fill a 16oz jar full of Sea Moss Gel. Offering it up in its dry raw form allows customers the chance to explore and  make their own Sea Moss Gel from scratch!


Oh the possibilities are endless!

  • You can make it flavored (ginger/mango/pineapple/elderberry)
  • You can decide to make a little bit as you go instead of rushing to finish a whole jar of already made Sea Moss gel before it goes bad
  • You can decide on the thickness of your finished gel product (Dry Sea Moss to filtered water ratio)
  • You can use the whole bag at once if you choose
  • The packaging is reuseable/resealable
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