My Sober BFF Podcast Appearance

This time around I teamed up with the up & coming podcast called @mysoberbff where two bffs (best friends) got together to co-create a show where they talk about spirituality, social issues, and all things sobriety while staying present in a world full of distractions. Check them out!⁣

The episode I was featured on along with two other lovely ladies @stormindigo and @souldivinevibes and our host @gabyannek will be dropping on February 19th at midnight. Episode 5 tackles the topic of “Healing Spaces”. What is needed to begin the healing process? Is it necessary to have “black only” spaces and why? What can we do going forward? And so much more wisdom insight was shared! ⁣

Each person’s healing is very unique, and it’s easy to get defensive when something isn’t inclusive of you, but everyone’s voice deserves to be heard. I invite everyone to give it a listen here

Listening is the first step towards understanding, and becoming an Ally

#healingthroughyoga #healthyhabits #yogainspiration

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