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Giving Back!

I'am nothing without the community that supports me!

I have done my due diligence in researching and have chosen each of these organizations below to send a portion of all my proceeds to because they really resonated with my personal & professional beliefs, mission, and core values.

I want to give back, not because I "feel bad" for BIPOC communities, but because I come from it and understand the need for resources. It would be my sincere show of gratitude for having an overabundance of blessings myself and wanting to share that with others. Each of these organizations do great work and change lives daily. Ran by/operated by or working solely for BIPOC which often are marginalized and forgotten communities.

Feel free to read up on their stories and maybe make giving back in general a new thing for you and your family/friends to do!

Giving Back: Welcome


Greater Boston Sickle Cell Disease Assoc.

National Black Doulas Association: 


The Loveland Foundation 


Thurgood Marshall College Fund


Urban League of Eastern MA & Young Professionals Network (ULEM)


New England Blacks in Philanthropy

Black Economic Council of MA (BECMA) 


Giving Back: Text
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